Evangelism Series


Equipping Introverts and Extroverts for Sharing the Gospel Message

Training videos 1-4


Discipling and the Gifts of the Spirit

Training videos 1-4


Marching: Fully Equipped to Disciple the World

Training video


More Evangelism Videos

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Bob’s Evangelism Videos

Bob Johnson Playlist

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Step by Step Guide to Sharing the Gospel

Unsure of how to share the Good News of Jesus with others? This guide will give you step by step assistance. Read and Print PDF

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Evangelism Short Clips


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Share Your Story

"My Story of Faith" is a simple course written for followers of Jesus to develop their ability to share how God has worked in their life.

Access the course here.

Video for the course.


Growing Your Faith


Looking for God?

Searching? Video Playlist

Mini-Series Videos

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Short, faith-provoking videos

Inspirational Nuggets