We believe God is asking us to replicate the early church model which met in homes, which we refer to as Home Groups.

  • We are a community that worships together, prays together, learns together and encourages each other through small in home groups and online friendships.
  • We invite you to worship online with us. Gather family and friends together in front of your TV or computer or smart phone and lift your voices in harmony with ours!

How to view online

We stream the worship and prayer portion of the Sunday service from Pastor Kevin’s home and the message/teaching streams from the Awake office with Pastor Dodge and Pastor Phil, where another small group is gathered. We hope you will join our home groups across the Minneapolis area and the United States and the world, worshiping together as one.

Modern technology has opened a door to worshiping together in a new way. Technology brings us all together, worshiping individually from our homes and yet worshiping together!

  • Gathering in home groups helps us understand what church really means and helps us see church as a community of believers, the body of Christ, active and engaged.
  • The opportunity to support each other becomes more intentional and personal through home groups.
  • Now when we walk out the church doors (our home doors) we take the benefit of the love and support of our home group with us throughout the week.

As a fully online church, it’s quite exciting to think about worshiping in our homes just like the early church did!

  • Our online time is about good friends coming together to sing and praise the Lord.
  • We worship together, learn together, and pray together.
  • Though we aren’t physically together, we are spiritually together!

That’s powerful!