Wake Up America

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America's Friendship Crisis is from Awakening to God's Friendship


Worth the Risk is from

Time to Rebuild!


Intercede for America

Study Guide


Wake Up, America is from

Why "Awake US Now?"


Proclamation and Deeds is from

The Faith - Week 10


Signs in the Church is from

Signs of the Times


Turning Back from Cultural Collapse is from

Hell is for Real


What - Me Repent? is from

The Faith - Week 3


Shutting the Door on Darkness is from

The Faith - Week 4


Exposing the Deeds of Darkness is from

Children of Light


A Praying Remnant is from

Light to my Path


En Garde! is from

The Faith - Week 22


A video series featuring short-clips of timely encouragement for America, with an urgent call for her to WAKE UP!!!