Read testimonials to the power of Prayer in the Name of Jesus

In the videos below, you can learn how God's love and mercy worked powerful changes in the lives and hearts of people facing many challenges.

(Names may be changed to preserve privacy)


From “Kate” in Odessa:

  Thank you so much for your kind and, even more important, Scripture-filled words of encouragement….  I sincerely thank you and God bless you for this amazing prayer ministry.


From “Anita” in Northern Minnesota:

  Thank you for your continued prayers for me as I recover from the back surgery last Monday. I am feeling so much better and keep believing God for a full recovery!

  I wanted to tell you again how blessed I was to read and pray the prayers you emailed me.  I was so caught up in my pain that it was helpful for me to have someone else formulate prayers for me!  I was blessed to read them over and over again --the Holy Spirit comforted me through your written prayers -- thank you again. God is so good.

  This journey is not over but there is much hope now.  I do hope to visit you all at Awake Us Now sometime in the future.  May God bless and guide your ministry!


From "John" in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

Thank you... the February 12 Sunday worship service was especially good...I listened to it twice and may watch it again.  I liked the music and the prayerful encouragements which I certainly need....