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Why Home Groups?

Life is tough.  The future is gray.  To survive we need strong connections with people and with God.  A home group is a cluster of people who desire God's presence, listen to His word, apply it to today's challenges, and then seek to put into practice what the Lord shows them.

Build Community

No Books to Buy

Powerful Teaching

Useful Tools

Awake US Now invites you to form a group in your home, apartment, coffee shop, or wherever.  Our free resources are designed for groups to use according to your time schedule.

  • Webcasts of Sunday Gatherings help your group learn how to draw near to God.
  • Videos of powerful messages that share how Jesus Christ helps us with real life problems.
  • Videos of Bible studies transform the Bible from a mystery to a trusted source of wisdom.
  • Printed study guides that sequentially follow the videos, helping you and your friends to discuss and internalize the content. (Guides are in a column on the left of each video page)

What messages should our group use?

  • You can start with the webcast of the latest Gathering.
  • Use the topically-listed videos as God leads your group.

How do I start?

  1. Invite family or friends to join you.
  2. When you meet, watch a webcast or video.
  3. Use the study guides to launch conversations.
  4. Allow everyone to express their opinions.
  5. Ask: What is God telling us to do?  Then do it.
  6. Tell God about your needs, difficulties, and joys.
  7. Tell others about what you are learning and doing.

Download Study Guides from each video page


Awake US Now wants your group to flourish.

Our staff is available to field your questions, give advice, and provide encouragement.

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