God's Word for Today

Romans 10:17 says - “Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ."

God yearns for relationship with us and is busy reaching out to us with a desire to grow us up in our faith by changing the way we think.  He transforms us as we hear the Good News, God’s Words, about Jesus Christ!

While the enemy may try to use the Word of God to condemn us, we can learn to reject the evil one’s voice, and instead choose to hear the Good News about Christ.  Our God is willing to teach, show, and lead us into what He intends to accomplish in us and through us.  He will raise our expectations, because of His vast promises intended for each of us, for all God’s promises are a “yes” and “amen” through Jesus.

From Pastor Kevin:

God has been doing some fabulous things with my relationship with Him: each day He highlights one passage for me to meditate on all day, until it begins to rewire my brain and heal my heart.  This video series entitled, “God’s Words for Today,” is my way of sharing what God, through Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, is doing in my life and the encouragement and transformation I am experiencing.  My desire is that they will inspire, encourage and transform your life, too, as together, as we listen to the Good News, Good Words, about Jesus Christ and grow in faith.  I pray these short videos are an encouragement to you as you start off your day with the Lord Jesus Christ!