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  • Does God speak and direct His children today?
  • If He does, in what ways does He do so?
  • If He does, how should I listen and respond?"


Read Pastor Phil Bickel's story of learning how to listen when God speaks.


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Jesus Teaches Us to Serve Others

by Pastor Phil Bickel

Jesus trained His followers to address the needs of people and proclaim to them the kingdom of God.  Trust Jesus to do the same for you, your family and your group.


It's not complicated.

  • Simply let Jesus teach you as you ponder the Scripture in the boxes to the left.
  • Visualize the stories and imagine how the people were feeling.
  • Note what Jesus is teaching by His words and by His actions.
  • Claim the promises.

Week by week ask the Lord to "instruct you and teach you in the way that you should go" (Psalm 32:8).  The Lord Jesus will show you whom to serve, how to serve, and how to speak His good news.

  • Feel free to hopscotch among the texts.
  • Completing the entire list is not necessary.
  • Listening to the Lord and following His lead is.

And you will discover it to be a joyful adventure.

Your Story Is Powerful.


The best tool for witnessing is your own story of faith, aka your testimony.


People are more likely to listen to personal stories than to a recitation of doctrines.


Your story includes any episode in your life in which God has played a significant role.


 "My Story of Faith" is a simple course I wrote to help followers of Jesus develop their ability to share how God has worked in their life.

Access the course here.

A Message from Pastor Phil Bickel


What is my job at Awake Us Now?


I encourage and train Christians who sense God calling them to obey, serve, and witness in their daily life.  I show them how to dare and share by using the gifts the Holy Spirit has given them (Ephesians 2:10 & 1 Peter 2: 9-12, 3:15-16, & 4:10-11).


Let me know what God is calling you to do.  I'll be glad to help you follow His leading.  As the Lord directs us, we will become a church without walls (Proverbs 27:17 & 3:5-6).


Phil Bickel, Dare and Share Pastor


Jesus said that if we follow Him, He will make us "fishers of people." What has He already put in our "tackle box"?

A Prayer for God to lead us "Step by Step"


  Treasure Hunts are Fun


  You can do prayer walks and treasure hunts everyday, wherever you go.


Just print up the guidelines,