Awake Book Bunch

Dialogue with authors and the Author of Life


  1. To hear God’s voice, dialoguing with Him.
  2. To dialogue with the authors we read.
  3. To dialogue with other readers.


  1. Leader: The God of the Bible.
  2. Participants: Anyone willing to dialogue with God: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  3. Host: Pastor Phil Bickel  (


  1. Read the selected title(s).
  2. Pray with God about what you read.
  3. Share your ideas online at any time.
  4. Follow God's guidelines for building community: Colossians 3:12-14, Matthew 18:15-16, and Proverbs 11:13 & 26:20.

To Participate

  1. Obtain the free Messenger app.
  2. Select a Book Bunch from the titles to the right.
  3. Register for the Book Bunch of your choice.
  4. Obtain and read the books at any pace.
  5. Dialogue with the authors and with the Lord.
  6. Use Messenger to dialogue with the Bunch.
  7. Enjoy the adventure!