Building a Prayer Wall for America

In Psalm 11:3, David says, "If the foundations be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?" As God's people, let us not go around wringing our hands in hopeless despair, let us not sit on our hands and do nothing! Instead let us respond with, "WE SHALL REBUILD!"

Build a Wall of Prayer!

We are inviting people from all around the country to build a "Wall of Prayer" for America: Followers of Jesus in every state committed to daily prayer to God for a spiritual Awakening in our nation.

What could the future of America look like if God's people came together in prayer for her? We invite you to join us and others from across this great nation in rebuilding the foundation America was built on. Let us commit to praying for an awakening, for revival, for healing. One nation, under God, built and rebuilt on Jesus the Foundation.

Pastor Dodge's Wall of Prayer sermon series



Breathe Your breath on me, Lord, that I might love what you love and do what you would do.  Fill me up, cleanse me with Your Fire and make me Yours. Breathe Your breath on this nation, Lord, and make her wholly and completely Yours that she might glow with Your Holy Fire divine. Amen.  by Pastor Kevin Schuessler, Minnesota


Praying for a spirit of discernment!! And wisdom!  Praying for a spirit of deep convictions!!  In Jesus name!! Amen.  If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven forgive them of their sin and heal their land! Awaken us Lord across the land from youngest to dear Lord...souls, redeem Father that which belongs to you!! Amen ❤ Awake America to who you are!!  by Betty Davis, New Jersey


Have mercy on us Father! You have stood by as America has abandoned the truths of the Bible, as the church as abandoned Your truth and I, too, have done this. Lord, I ask for forgiveness for my part in this. I have not always stood strong for you, forgive the church and forgive America. Give me strength to walk in Your will, give the church that same strength, that America would once again walk in Your ways, and in Your will. Amen.  by Ann Goehner, Minnesota


We welcome your prayers.

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Let's get the word out about praying for REVIVAL in America!